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Title: In The Closet

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean/Cas, Shortskirts 'Verse (David/HGH)

Summary: ""Oh shit, oh shit," David moans, soft and despairing, and Trey doesn't have a smart ass comeback for that, because they're hiding inside Cas's bedroom closet, the downward-slanted blind of it giving them a narrow view of the neatly made bed and a pile of books and medical journals and a window with fluttering white linen curtains and if Dean finds them hiding in his boyfriend's fucking closet, they're dead."

Length: 2k- OR MORE.

Warnings: Sex, the ongoing cruelty of [personal profile] rageprufrock, terribly carried-out voyeurism

Notes: So, first things first- I DIDN'T WRITE THIS. [personal profile] rageprufrock did- I was cross at the office and what's some filthy pornography between friends, right? Well, everyone loved the guys on Dean's team. And so did she-- however, FYI, this was written before I wrote "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," so it's not "canon-compliant" (WHAT THE FUCK AM I SAYING). And this is what happened. Before you even read it, I warn you- IT'S UNFINISHED. SHE IS FICKLE AND CAPRICIOUS AND A DICK. So, INSTEAD- I invite you to write your own ending in the comments- I'll probs give it a swing, too. (I especially encourage big rocks falling, everyone dying.) But it's pretty hilarious, so, go for it, kids. (As an apology, I wrote [personal profile] regicidaldwarf a comment ficlet here.)

Trey thinks that they could have avoided all of this shit if only Dean Winchester wasn't so goddamn psycho overprotective about his boyfriend.

"Trey, your elbow's in my nuts," David hisses, and then they make a bunch of shirts -- meticulously ironed and still inside their ecologically friendly dry cleaning bags -- rustle, and they freeze in total paranoia until the sudden silence, and then the faint murmur of voices from downstairs, through the opened door makes it evident that nobody's noticed.

Trey moves his elbow, but he says, "Oh, I thought it was some ball bearings, sorry dude," because he's obligated, and then before David can hit him or pitch a shitfit or say, pre-emptive, that he's not juicing, seriously, guys, he's not, really, the voices from downstairs start getting louder. And closer.

"Oh shit, oh shit," David moans, soft and despairing, and Trey doesn't have a smart ass comeback for that, because they're hiding inside Cas's bedroom closet, the downward-slanted blind of it giving them a narrow view of the neatly made bed and a pile of books and medical journals and a window with fluttering white linen curtains and if Dean finds them hiding in his boyfriend's fucking closet, they're dead.

"...not even what that was," Dean's saying, his voice gruff and embarrassed and still coming closer. Trey tries not to think about the major league scouts that have been circling LSU recently looking at Dean like David looks at HGH, or the way Dean is a terrifying fucking force of nature when he quits pitching for real and starts lobbing fastballs at people who've spent practice pissing him off.

There's a huffing noise neither of them recognize, and then Cas's voice, saying, "Dean, that girl was staring at you."

"Lots of people stare at me," Dean pleads, and Trey sort of wants to punch the guy in the balls.

"Not like that," Cas protests, and after a beat, says, "Well, okay, yes, like that, but I don't have to like it."

"Baby," Dean says, and it's his, Cas Why You Gotta Be Like That I'm Not Even That Sick Stop Sending Me Vitamin C And Shit It's Fucking Embarrassing voice, "I don't even know what you're talking about."

And then Trey can see their shadows in the doorway, then Cas's dark, sleepy tufts of hair and Dean's blond tips come into view, and Trey starts thinking up excuses, bullshit. Maybe if he takes off all his clothes and bursts outta there screaming and clawing at himself they'll think he's on a really fucking terrible acid trip; if it was just Dean, that might actually work. On the other hand, Cas will just freak out and make Dean stuff him into the Audi and take him to the ER and care for him until Trey's conscience climbs through his throat and punches him to death in the face.

Cas is wearing jeans and neat gray Chucks and a t-shirt that obviously doesn't belong to him -- unless the kid somehow and miraculously decided that he was all about the Ramones -- and flops down on the edge of his bed, folding his hands over his lap and turning his face up to frown at Dean.

"I've mostly come to terms with it," Cas declares, sounding martyred. "I'm working on being more mature, and zenlike, but it's a work in progress."

If Trey didn't know how often Dean got hit in the head during batting practice and shit, he'd think the guy was faking this level of stupidity, because Dean just looks perplexed as shit and says, "Baby, seriously -- she was asking me for directions."

"Oh, you mean the girl who works at the restaurant in New Orleans was asking you directions because your LSU t-shirt meant you probably knew," Cas says, serenely catty, and holy shit, Trey didn't even know people could do that. That's a level of skillz Tina had better never learn; she and Cas must never meet.

Dean looks tall and dumb and quiet for a long time. "Okay, so maybe she didn't need directions," he mutters, and then he sits down next to Cas on the bed, all sprawling arms and legs kicking out and instantly messy, and Trey seriously doesn't know why Cas can't do better for himself. Winchester's pretty and all -- like, if you like that sort of thing, which Trey thinks that David sort of does, from the way he's panting frantically against Trey's neck like a whore -- but Cas is a nice Jewish doctor who can make brownies. Like, there have to be better options for the guy other than white trash Impala-owning baseball players.

"It's okay," Cas tells him, sounding long-suffering. "You can't help being beautiful."

"Ugh, Cas, Jesus Christ," Dean moans, and flops onto his back, throwing an arm over his face. Trey's embarrassed on his fucking behalf. There's like, Dean being a homosexual who has homosexual sex with another homosexual but then there's just gay. "Come on."

And Cas just leans over him, so that all Trey can see is his back and his shoulder when Cas says, "You don't have to believe it -- I'll believe it enough for both of us," and Dean's face, shadowed over, and his voice a hush when he reaches up and touch's Castiel's cheek and says, "You do that, Cas."

Trey has a really terrible, horrible, nauseating sinking feeling this is shit's about to get real.

"But," Cas says back, "only I get to have you."

David lets out a weak groan, and Trey would punch him in the fucking stomach except that would probably give them away -- or, hey, maybe not, because fuck fuck fuck, Cas, who has always seemed so sweet and nice and easygoing and shit is going to town on Winchester's mouth.

Abstractly, ever since Dean one day off the cuff said, "What? Oh -- Cas is short for Castiel, not Cassandra, he's a -- " at which point nobody ever heard the rest of that sentence because all of their brains were melting in between their ears, they've known that Dean hits it with dudes. Well, a dude. But there's knowing that Dean Winchester makes it with the blue-eyed, sweet-faced kid who drives down from Tulane for all of their home games, and then there's fucking watching them gay paw at each other all over Castiel's white-sheeted bed. Trey feels like a fucking pervert.

"It's not like I was even interested in her," Dean tries to say, sliding his hands up the back of his own fucking Ramones t-shirt, and when Trey realizes how huge Winchester's hands look in the dip of Cas's back, he seriously wants to kill himself.

Cas -- oh my God, Trey thinks -- bites Winchester's lower lip.

"Dean," he suggests, and oh God oh God he slides his fingers under the waist of Winchester's jeans. "Stop talking."

"I'm just going to stop talking," Dean says, and Cas grins this totally filthy and terrifying and super filthy grin and says:


Trey shuts his eyes in a fucking hurry, and he's glad for it, because the next thing he hears is the wet sound of kissing, the rustle of clothes, the soft groan of the bed. He hears Dean say, quiet and private and abso-fucking-lutely awful, "You know you're it for me, baby, right?" and Cas murmur back, "Sorry -- I don't know how not to be jealous over you."

And then Winchester laughs, and it's a dirty, dirty old man laugh, and like an absolute idiot, Trey opens his eyes to peek, and just in time, sees Cas, hovering low over Winchester's naked belly, Dean's hands in his hair. It's the most terrible thing that Trey has ever seen, and once, he watched an entire fucking movie about baby penguins being killed by seals.

"I'm not going to lie, Cas," Dean tells him, voice rough, "I like it when you're jealous over me."

It's a pretty fucking impressive blush if Trey can see it from here, and he can definitely see it, which is cute for all of the 14 seconds before hear hears the buttons of Winchester's fucking button-fly jeans being undone and -- fuck Trey's motherfucking life -- Cas pulls Dean's dick out of his pants and sucks it down like a French prostitute.

"Fuck," Dean moans, and it comes out like a plea, hands tightening in Castiel's dark hair, head tipped back. "Cas -- I -- " and then he chokes off when Cas's cheeks hollow, when opens his blue eyes slow and sinks down another two inches on Winchester's dick, humming around it like a God damn whore.

"Baby," Dean tries again, and then Cas pulls up, pulls his mouth away with a wet and dirty pop, and he says, lips brushing against the head of Winchester's dick, "Just say it -- I love it," and Trey starts wondering if there's like a tie in this closet he can hang himself with. Behind him, he can hear David making whimpering, trapped-animal noises.

"God," Winchester exhales, shaky and groaning, and Cas dives right the fuck back in, mouth spit-wet and sloppy red already and pursed sweet and tight, opening like a bud around the head of Dean's dick as he slides down slowly, eyes still wide-open and staring up and Trey pops a stiffie so fast he almost hears his fucking jeans snap. "I love fucking your mouth, Cas."

And then Trey feels really sorry for Dean, because even though he's getting the blowjob and Trey is the one stuck in the fucking closet torn between terror and super fucking uncomfortable arousal, Cas is the one that pulls off Dean's cock -- again -- and asks, husky and inviting, "Yeah?"

Dean groans. "You -- yes, Jesus, I love fucking your mouth," he babbles, and Cas goes down on him again, and oh my God. This is so nasty, Trey thinks in blind horror, because Dean just keeps talking, and every time he drops like, "whore mouth" and "so God damn wet" and "yeah, take it, suck it," Cas rewards him by sinking half an inch lower, until his lips are fucking vacuum sealed around the base, nosing the dark hair down there and moaning.

And then Dean is tugging at Cas's hair, saying, "Baby, baby," and Cas pulls off with a slick, filthy-wet pop, lips spit-shiny and bruised, and even from the fucking closet Trey can see how glazed and fucked-out Castiel already looks.

"I don't want you to come in my mouth," Cas says, and after pause, adds, "This time."

Behind him, David makes a sobbing noise that Trey mentally echoes, but at this point he's kind of scared to breath. If he thinks about it, he really doubts that Winchester's looking for intruders in his boyfriend's apartment. Anyway -- Trey would not be looking for intruders in his girlfriend's apartment if said girlfriend's fingers were all slicked up with lube and he was wrapping a fist around Trey's dick, perching on Trey's hips and sliding the other behind herself.

Because that's totally what Castiel's doing. Sweet, blue-eyed, brownie-making Castiel who everybody thought was probably making Winchester save it for their fucking wedding night and would keep his bloody towel in his hope chest .

Instead he makes some whining, illegal noise in the back of his throat, fucking himself open on three fingers while Winchester's got his hands on Castiel's hips, gripping hard enough to leave bruises, probably, and mesmerized. Trey doesn't really blame him, except that he does, and he hates them, because he is stuck in the fucking closet watching their pitcher, well, pitch, and it's fucking awful, and so violently, graphically gay, and oh my God, Trey doesn't want to see Castiel -- he's never going to be able to eat this kid's brownies again, because now all his desserts have this whole other assfucky connotation that Trey doesn't need in his life -- slide down on Dean's dick moaning like he's been dying for it.

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posted by [identity profile] at 12:41am on 08/06/2010
very cool and super hot. Can you just explain something for this non USA-ian? I get the impression a hope closet may be something one of those odd fundamentalist wait until marriage groups came up with. Is this true and if so can you explain its significance?
swing_set13: (well played)
posted by [personal profile] swing_set13 at 01:20am on 08/06/2010

I feel so sorry for Trey. He will kill David as soon as they can leave.

BUT THAT WAS SO HOT! :3 Ah can't help it that Dean's so pretty.

You continuously rock my socks with this amazing 'verse. Awesome-sauce.
twentysomething: (Yeah I'd buy that.)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 01:25am on 08/06/2010
Hahaha, like I said above- I didn't do it- all [personal profile] rageprufrock. But thanks- yeah, serious shit went down.
foursweatervests: Natasha, hidden (Marilyn)
posted by [personal profile] foursweatervests at 01:34am on 08/06/2010

Good god. I really hadn't hoped for something so soon on the heels of the last five - god, five! riches! - but, uh. Well. Dean's teammates perving on him and Cas? Fucking priceless.
twentysomething: (TANDEM BIKE)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 01:40am on 08/06/2010
I was telling Pru about how everyone loved the team and she was like "you should post that thing I wrote." and I was like "You should finish it." And then she didn't and I posted it anyway.

I like to keep you guys happy, especially at Pru's expense.
leahclaire: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] leahclaire at 05:53am on 08/06/2010
THIS!!! :D
posted by [identity profile] at 05:57am on 08/06/2010
Nnnnngggghhhh. I'd just been wondering last night how to convince the guys that Cas wasn't the sweet and innocent maiden they'd all somehow got deluded into believing he was, and came to the same conclusion of somehow sneaking two of them into the closet while Dean and Cas had filthy gay sex. AND THEN THIS APPEARED.

And you know the guys will be all stuttery and shifty eyed around Cas now, and Dean will ultimately come to the very wrong (but kinda right) realization that somehow his whole team has developed the gay for his boyfriend, at which point jealous Dean rears his ugly head with fastballs and sulking.

This verse is the shinest thing in my life right now.
twentysomething: (RAINBOW BRITE SAM)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 02:25am on 10/06/2010
Hahaha, I feel like they will have to make like, a secrecy pact. Jerry can never know. It'd kill him.

Oh, Dean. Such a bitch.

I know this is a compliment- and I appreciate it-- but you know... there are unicorns out there. There are shinier things. <3
posted by [identity profile] at 08:33am on 08/06/2010
Oh I am tortured by the unfinishedness of it :) It made me giggle lots though. Stupid boys, hiding in the closet and just what were they doing in there anyway? Their overprotective reactions to Cas are adorable. Of course, they're gonna tell Dean he should marry Cas, which he totally should :) Thanks for sharing the love.
twentysomething: (tough titties deano)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 02:26am on 10/06/2010
Seriously, Beyonce said it.


posted by [personal profile] wildsky at 03:34am on 09/06/2010
OMG, Pru rocks! This whole 'verse rocks. I've never commented on shortskirts before but you deserve huge kudos for your efforts. I'm mesmerized by these stories of yours.

twentysomething: (Yeah I'd buy that.)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 02:26am on 10/06/2010
Thanks! I'll pass the love along! And thank you again for commenting!
posted by [personal profile] wildsky at 05:54am on 09/06/2010
Um... okay, so I kind of took the invitation to write an ending ourselves seriously. Was that wrong? Here goes nothing...

* * *

Winchester makes a sound that is downright fucking pornographic and Trey has the urge to seize the nearest coat-hanger and gouge out his eyes with it ‘cause surely Dean will take pity on an eyeless man when he finds them and inevitably tries to throw them through the fucking window for watching Cas screw his fucking brains out.

Cas starts rocking, his own dick bobbing against his belly and Trey is biting down on his lower lip hard enough to draw blood, which is a fucking epic effort when every drop is rushing southward to keep putting the icing on the whole fucking nightmare and holy fuck that’s the worst God damn metaphor ever ‘cause now chocolate cake is ruined for him too. Dean’s hands are dragging Cas into a bruising rhythm and Cas has his fucking head thrown back, groaning like a nymphomaniac to the rhythm of Dean’s voice, rough and broken and so fucking wrecked that Trey sticks his fingers in his ears like a fucking five year old trying to drown out the sound of ‘open up for me, baby, that’s it, so fucking tight’ and ‘ride me, oh fuck, Cas, you’re killin' me’.

David lets out a tiny, high-pitched whine of distress and Trey thinks he might have actually passed the fuck out because the heavy breathing on his neck is gone. Or maybe David’s just holding his breath hoping that he’ll faint and be spared further trauma and what happens in the closet stays in the closet ‘cause as far as Trey’s concerned this is some fucking warped version of Vegas and nobody will ever hear about this if Trey has to personally sew his teammates’ mouths shut.

And it gets worse because Dean chooses that moment to surge up off the bed and wrap an arm around Cas’ waist, seize his mouth in a kiss that looks like it ought to be fucking outlawed and wraps his hand around his erection in a move that makes Cas grind down into Winchester’s lap like he’s fucking drilling for oil down there and oh fucking God, bad thought, bad thought!

“Harder,” Cas groans, his voice going gravelly and pleading all at the same time and Dean grazes his teeth across the pulse point in Cas’ throat. “That’s it, mark me, let everyone see. Give me your teeth and your cock and make me feel it all week, God Dean...”

Trey’s brain is breaking and his dick is hard for all the wrong reasons and he wants to just fucking die of heart failure ‘cause dead men can’t die twice. He wants to crawl to his car and break the speed limit all the way back to Tina so he can fuck her into the mattress and remind himself that Winchester pounding Cas into the middle of next week, both of them talking dirty like Trey hasn’t heard outside of a fucking skin flick, should not be turning him on like this.

Then Dean fucking growls and Cas is gasping into his shoulder as Winchester jacks him off, hips thrusting upwards to impale Cas again and again until Cas is outright whimpering, begging Dean to get him off, muttering filthy promises that make Trey blush like a God damn virgin and put his head between his knees, trying to breathe through the dizzy feeling that he’s pretty sure is lack of blood to the brain. Oh, they are fucking dead. Dead, dead, dead.

“Dean! I’m going to come, going to paint you, going to –” Cas chokes off, clutching at Dean, meeting him thrust for thrust, his cock full and leaking and he’s fucking shaking as Winchester kisses him hard, all teeth and tongues and Trey finally scrunches his eyes shut in one last desperate bid to not be scarred for fucking ever, conjuring up images of Tina on her back, all naked curves and tanned skin, legs spread wide, wet and wild for him...

It doesn’t work. Trey hears Cas cry out, hears him panting his way through his orgasm and then the sound of something hitting the mattress and Dean’s breathing is speeding up even more.

“Come on, wanna feel you come inside me, fill me up, feel how I’m yours,” Cas is fucking purring and Trey fights down a whimper as Cas murmurs dirty sweet nothings into Dean’s ear. The wet slap of skin on skin keeps getting faster until Winchester lets go with a shattered groan and all Trey can do is thank fucking God and Jesus and any other powers that might be listening that it’s finally, finally fucking over.

Right? Yes, damn it, he’s fucking praying and he might – just might – be on the verge of crying in sweet relief. Silence has never been so wonderful.

“Baby, you’re going to be the death of me,” Dean says quietly in the aftermath as his breathing evens out. Cas hums contentedly and kisses Dean long and slow and possessive, like he never wants to let him go. And he hasn’t. Winchester is still sprawled over the top of him, his cock still buried in Cas’ ass, the both of them sweaty and slick with come. Cas’ thighs are gripping Dean’s hips, holding Dean inside of him, and Trey jumps like he’s been shot when a bark of totally hysterical laughter erupts from behind him.

Trey’s eyes almost bug right out of his head as he whips around – as much as anyone can whip around in a closet – to stare at David, who looks kind of dazed and doesn’t seem to realize that he just fucking well fucked up this whole fucked up situation even more than Trey would have believed possible. And then his stomach twists and drops into his toes as Winchester’s taut voice breaks the silence

“What the fuck was that?”
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posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 02:27am on 10/06/2010


ext_443402: (Default)
posted by [identity profile] at 07:28pm on 09/06/2010

Oh Trey. Oh David. Why the fuck did you think this would be a good idea? Sneaky hijinks are NEVER a good idea.
twentysomething: (TANDEM BIKE)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 02:27am on 10/06/2010
The Madness is a state of mind. :D

posted by [identity profile] at 08:25am on 11/06/2010
I wanted to know what happens next so bad that I actually wrote fanfic! Mine picks up where wildsky's left off, but it isn't finished by any means. It just kind of trails off. Also, I'm not as funny as rageprufrock or wildsky. Be gentle with me.

Clearly, the only explanation for this fuckery is that on the way to Dean’s place Trey and David died in a car accident and they died and went to Hell. That is the only way he would be sitting in Dean’s boyfriend’s closet with the most awkward erection in the history of dicks except, apparently, for David’s – oh God oh God why did he look shit shit he can’t believe his grandmother is right and gay is contagious – while Dean Winchester, freshly post-orgasmic from the horrifyingly vigorous sex with his adorable boyfriend, prairie dogs his head around the room looking for the source of the unholy noise David just made. Something so horrible could only happen in a place God had truly forsaken.

Trey starts planning exit routes. Through the closet door’s slats, he can see Dean and Cas on the bed, still, urgh, joined. They would need to disentangle before running after him, so he figures he’s got at least five seconds, counting on the shock of seeing a 6’3 purple-and-gold-clad baseball player flailing like Kermit the fucking Frog out of the room to slow them down a bit too. David is on his own. Seriously, fuck that dude. This whole stunt was his idea, plus he’s the one who couldn’t hold his shit together long enough to wait until Dean and Cas left to take a bubble bath or whatever. He can take the heat for this all by his lonesome, and he’ll bet getting his therapy bills for the next fifty years, too.

Speaking of that douche, David seems to have realized how fucked they are and grabs his arm, lets out another squeak, but in the new silence of the room sounds like a motherfucking gunshot.
Dean’s whole body jerks towards the closet this time. Fuck, there goes that plan.

“What the fuck, man?” Dean says, pulling out of Cas and grabbing his boxers from the floor to tug them on. Cas is propped up on his elbows on the bed and still breathing pretty hard, and were Trey not about to be murdered by his pitcher, he’d be worried that Cas was going to hyperventilate.

“I have pepper spray in my nightstand,” Cas states, his voiced fucked out and growly and surprisingly badass, and now Trey’s going to be blind and dead too. David had finally shut his godforsaken mouth and is trying to maneuver himself behind Trey as much as he can in the tiny closet, and like fuck is that happening. Trey shoves David to the side not even a little bit carefully because they seriously cannot be in any deeper shit than they are right now. David tries to grab the OCD garment bags to right himself and pulls a couple of them down on top of what looks like a box of gun and car mags (Seriously, why are these two people even together?) with a crash and a yell.

Trey hears four of Dean’s bow-legged clompy-stomps of rage* and the door is pulled open and Trey rolls into a ball like they taught him in boy scouts in case of a bear attack. Luckily no two words kill a hard-on like pepper and spray or he’d be in a world of hurt about right now.

He hears another “What the fuck?” from Dean and an amorphous “Aiieeaaarrrg” from David and he can almost hear Cas tilt his head like a dog trying to read Spanish (Cas, probably does read Spanish), and Trey is about to die. Dean is going to kill him and one of these garment bags will be his final resting place.

*TM Demian at TWOP
posted by [personal profile] wildsky at 08:05am on 13/06/2010
OMG, this is AWESOME! Fantastic effort! Oh, tragic, stupid, silly boys... *falls over laughing*
hellpenguin: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] hellpenguin at 01:46am on 01/07/2010
This is so fucking awesome. I just broke down and started copy/pasting my favorite lines into the postit note program on my desktop.

these are the lines that made me laugh out loud in the truly real-life definition of the LOL.

On the other hand, Cas will just freak out and make Dean stuff him into the Audi and take him to the ER and care for him until Trey's conscience climbs through his throat and punches him to death in the face.

It's the most terrible thing that Trey has ever seen, and once, he watched an entire fucking movie about baby penguins being killed by seals.
mf_luder_xf: (DH Adelle)
posted by [personal profile] mf_luder_xf at 05:23am on 01/07/2010
JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. I fail so badly for not finding this sooner. Apparently, I need to stalk you even harder now if you're going to post without me noticing. *STALKS* (And Pru. I should probably stalk her, too.)

Umm, about the story, though. I LOLED. A LOT. Oh, poor Trey. Damaged forever. I loved seeing Dean and Cas through someone else's eyes. Normally, not a huge fan, but here it worked and was hi.lar.ious. ALSO, WHY WERE THEY IN CAS' CLOSET? And, heh. That he thinks Cas can find someone better. Awww. But in the end, they're perfect for each other.

which Trey thinks that David sort of does, from the way he's panting frantically against Trey's neck like a whore


"You know you're it for me, baby, right?"

*whimpers* God, I love them in this 'verse so fucking much.

In conclusion: MOAR PLZ.
bookishbirdy: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] bookishbirdy at 05:15am on 19/07/2010
I love this verse so much. Never want it to end. lol
swing_set13: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] swing_set13 at 04:55pm on 18/08/2010
posted by (anonymous) at 04:17am on 18/12/2010
Having read the comments, I am aware that there is a lot more to this universe, but I can't find it. Where are the rest of the stories, please?
twentysomething: (call him angel of the morning)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 04:29am on 18/12/2010
If you're looking for the rest of the fics in this 'verse, they're all here, starting with I Think I Know Where You Belong.

Thanks for reading!
Re: Wonderful but confusing(anonymous)
posted by (anonymous) at 02:45am on 03/04/2011
just.... just.... that was hot :P
posted by (anonymous) at 11:02pm on 20/04/2011
care for him until Trey's conscience climbs through his throat and punches him to death in the face.

I will never stop loving this f*ing line. So poetically awesome! I do love a clever turn of phrase.
(no subject)(anonymous)
posted by (anonymous) at 03:55am on 05/07/2012
I just left you a comment on AO3, because I just found your verse again on there, re-read through all of it, and suddenly remembered I'd seen a furiously entertaining bit somewhere that wasn't on your AO3 account.

So I sort of stalked my way back to here. Sort of maybe, in a friendly, non-threateny, stalkerish fashion.

I just gotta say, the entire verse is gorgeous; it's painfully well-written, the porn is smoking sizzling hot and BLAH BLAH BLAH. You've heard it all it before, I'm sure.

The kicker, though? This, right here. Because, yeah, the Dean/Cas is fucking awesome. Cas begging for it? Godfuck, always good. But this? THIS? Sudden original characters taking on a life of their own to the point where RANDOM VOYEUR PORN FIC HAPPENS? And not only that, but to the point where all of that happens and everyone in existence still wants to read it, because it's hilarious and awesome and just kjdhsgafdsdhsjakda fucking perfect verse, is what I'm saying.

Kudos to you on creating the two most ridiculously awesome sidekicks ever to be written hiding in a closet together, because this shit is easily a hundred times more entertaining than watching Richard Sp8 Jr go to town on a massive, rainbow-coloured cock-shaped lollipop.


And that's saying a lot, I'm sure.
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posted by [personal profile] angelwingsandthings at 10:29pm on 02/02/2013
in picking up where left off:

When Trey looks up, it's even worse than he thought. Instead of the pepper spray Cas had mentioned Dean was, quite menacingly, holding a bat, poised at the ready to swing to kill if necessary. And given the look on Dean's face he was feeling like it was quite necessary.

"What the hell?" Dean practically shouted. Trey and David were grasping at each other in an attempt to stand up because they were men, not babies and men do not cower on the floor. Well, maybe men like David but definitely not men like Trey. "Why are you in Cas's closet? Why are you even in this city? If you ever touch him-" Dean seethed, his body still coiled in true batter's stance.

"It's a simple misunderstanding." David sputtered his hands up in a defensive plead and Trey mentally kicked him in the nuts. Nothing about watching your pitcher get down and dirty with his, what everyone had previously assumed, innocent and very sweet boyfriend was a 'simple misunderstanding'. And oh, the images. Those were definitely going to haunt Trey for the rest of his ever-fucking life.

"Care to elaborate?" Dean asked, eyebrows raised, seething rage apparent on his face.

"It was innocent, I swear to God, Dean." Trey started to explain because really, if David said anything else at this point, Trey was certain Dean wouldn't hesitate to bash their skulls in with the bat, hide their bodies--probably in the trunk of the Impala posed in the reverse dump truck just to be spiteful--and never speak of them again. "We just wanted to know about Cas. You know all about our girls, we only thought it fair we get to know him. So David and I were going to kidnap him," yeah, probably the worst choice of words, EVER, "and take him to dinner, pick his brain. But then you guys came home and we panicked and so we hid in the closet and then you guys, uh-" and Trey was looking at his feet and rubbing the back of his neck because honestly? If Winchester saw the instant blush that was now coloring Trey's cheeks, Trey just might kill himself. David was remaining uncharacteristically quite through the entire explanation and Trey told himself he'd have to say an extra prayer of thanks that night just for that. That is, if he survived this, which as this point, was seeming very unlikely.

At this point, Cas, who was now wrapped in one of the white sheets from his bed--and Trey couldn't even THINK about the stains that were already beginning to set in--sidled up next to Dean, his face brightening when he saw Trey and David.

Don't make eye contact, Trey told himself, don't. make- shit. His eyes found Cas's blue ones and all he could think of was the way they had stared up at Dean while blowing his brains out. "Hey, Cas." Trey said weakly.

"You heard everything?" Dean asked. And right, back to the point. The point being Trey and David witnessing Winchester having very gay sex with his very gay boyfriend and very gay enjoying his very gay self.

"Heard, saw, we're emotionally scared for the rest of our lives if it makes you feel any better." David answered.

"Why would you being emotionally scarred make me feel any better about you two dumb fucks hiding in my boyfriends closet WATCHING US HAVE SEX?" Dean asked.

"You had great form." David offered. "Very athletic." Trey face palmed and Dean shook his head and turned, walking away.

"So," Cas said, smiling like the proudest just-been-fucked kid that every lived. "Who wants pasta?"

Trey and David heard Dean and Cas arguing about why in the hell Cas had thought it'd be okay for them to stay for dinner but the end result was Cas saying "we'll finish this later." Trey shuttered because holy shitfuckballs, if Cas's tone of voice was any indication of the implications of that statement, he was talking about fucking Winchester again. They had stayed because they weren't sure what was worse: denying Cas's invitation or accepting it. Guessing the prior would probably result in Dean turning into a psychotic over protective boyfriend, ("what, you just came for the show, not the dinner? Cas's food aint good enough for you perverts?) and that was something they wanted to avoid at all costs.

So there they sat. The four of them. Together. Dean was sitting with his arms folded, his mouth a tight line of disapproval. David was shoving forkfuls of pasta--made from squash and zuccinni noodles and really? Who even?--and was seeming to cope well with the entire day's past events. Trey would discuss with him why on the way home because Winchester being gay was one thing but David? He'd shared a bed with the man on several away-game trips and that was just downright uncomfortable. And Cas, hair still wet from the shower, sat absolutely glowing, a permanent smirk on his face. The low v-neck shirt he was decked in now showing off several impressively fresh hickeys on his collarbones and neck and if Trey didn't know any better, he was showing them off on purpose. Preening. Like a fucking peacock. Conversation was limited, Trey's mind mostly on the fact that Cas's hand was resting on Winchester's thigh and he even started jacking him off at the table (which, at this point he wouldn't put it past the kid) Trey was going to down the nearest bottle of bleach. Happily. But Cas remained the warm and welcoming host and Trey tried to clean his plate as quickly as possible.

When dinner, which had been devastatingly awkward at best (seriously, watching a lion tear an antelope to shreds would have been more enjoyable and less painful), was finally over, Dean showed David and Trey to the door. He offered them an absolutely wicked smile and said "see you guys at practice on Monday." And Trey and David knew they were well and truly fucked.
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A proper ending! Well done. XD
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"It's the most terrible thing that Trey has ever seen, and once, he watched an entire fucking movie about baby penguins being killed by seals."
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oh god I adore/ love/ am absolutely mad about this whole universe - it's amazing and precious and so beautifully gay and the fact that it's based on that Taylor Swift song kinda makes me wanna weep. aaaand the fact that this particular part was written by someone else about a newly introduced side character and ppl in the comments finished it, well.... it perfectly shows why fanfiction is so amazing and aaack I dunno what to say... thank u for creating this universe, srsly brightend my day and had random ppl questioning my behaviour (aka random bursts of laughter)


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