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2012-11-18 07:30 pm

Des Plus Brillants Exploits, 1/2

Title: Des Plus Brillants Exploits

Fandom: NHL RPS

Pairing: alwaysagirl!Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin

Summary: "“Vancouver!” Sid turns and shouts at the last second as she goes through the doors.

“Vancouver!” Geno yells back."

Length: 33,000 wordsish, 20,700ish this part


Notes: So, it was only a matter of time. The Hoyden and Mklutz are just... really bad for me. Basically, we all have a lot of strong feelings about Sidney Crosby and Geno Malkin and I was like I'M NOT GONNA WRITE THIS FI-- okay, so I started writing it. 30+ k later, this is entirely all their fault. The Hoyden kindly offered to beta this, even though she should have been getting over jetlag, and Mklutz taught me the rules to Liverpool, even though I still don't think it's a real game. Thanks to puckling, who was full of encouragement and came up with the title when I realized I had nothing. Kisses to Leupagus, who insists she has no fucks to give about hockey, but liked this anyway.

They're late at the rink, just finishing running drills after practice when the IOC's final decision comes through. )

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2012-09-05 07:59 pm

Strange Visitor From Another Planet!, 1/1

Strange Visitor From Another Planet!

Fandom: NHL RPS

Pairing: Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews

Summary: "Stopping bullets with your chest isn't hard, but it ain't easy."

Length: 4k (finally, a short one, jesus)

Warnings: oh god, as [personal profile] rageprufrock put it, " is it both hockey AU AND hockey rpldsfkjsdf"

Notes: So, basically I was like, "Ugh, [personal profile] thehoyden where is my fic where Super Kaner is really Superman and Tazer is the BITCHIEST Lois Lane?" and she was like, "LOLOLOLOL SUCKER" and then I wrote it. And [profile] moonklutz bullied me through it in the most loving of ways. I would like to qualify that this is like... TV/movie news accurate. I asked Pru to stop me from shaming myself and after she laughed and was like, "TOO LATE." she made me caveat it this way. Yeah, idk either, guys.

Patrick Kane would be a fucking awesome journalist if he wasn't Superman. )
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2012-08-16 12:09 am

DILF, 2/2

Length: 31,000 wordsish, 14,000ish this part

Notes: All the previous stuff stands, there's sex at the end of this, though. DIDN'T WUSS OUT LIKE I WANTED TO.

The boys spend a couple of hours very, very carefully petting Laura, who’s still under light sedation, mostly so she doesn’t try to walk around on her broken leg. )
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2012-08-15 04:49 pm

DILF, 1/2

Title: DILF

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

Summary: "Today is Scott's first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified."

Length: 31,000 wordsish, 14,000ish this part

Warnings: LONG TERM PINING, domesticity, I'm the worst

Notes: So this like, super duper [profile] moonklutz and [personal profile] thehoyden's faults. They insisted on the sex, too. Love to [profile] merelyn25 and [personal profile] leupagus for cheerleading over the months it took me to write this. Also, cheers to [personal profile] rageprufrock who merely asked, "Is Stiles preggo yet?" every time I mentioned working on this. To defuse your fears, Stiles is never pregnant at all during this fic. Strong apologies for the wildlife reserve bullshitting in this, park rangers, etc of the world, kill me not. A lot of this was written before s2 when we realized Derek was AWFUL at pack, although I argue he just needs practice.

We joked about naming this fic DILF for a while and then I decided it was the ONLY thing I could name it.

Derek hadn't worried when he'd sent Jackson to kindergarten. )
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2012-06-23 05:33 pm

I Wanna Take You To A-, 1/1

Title: I Wanna Take You To A-

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski Boyd/Too Good For This Shit

Summary: "He doesn't like to think he's following orders, but he does slink away to the bar, where he thinks it's marginally quieter. At least it sounds like Ale-ale-jandro isn't right in his ear, anyway. Stiles sighs. He'd already texted Scott from the car and gotten back srry w allison bro derek gve me nite off. "

Length: 5100 wordsish

Warnings: gay bar jealousy, fucking.

Notes: I KNOW WHERE HAVE I BEEN (Answers: graduating grad school, hating my life, writing long fics that aren't done, etcettyra) But here, have this thing built entirely off of the fact that the cast has super said the bar they were filming at for s2 is a gay bar. Blame/credit/blame due to [profile] moonklutz and [personal profile] thehoyden, who are totally pack, brah.

Stiles glances around. )