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2013-02-08 11:26 pm

Write Our Names On the Wall, 1/1

Title: Write Our Names On the Wall

Fandom: NHL RPS

Pairing: Always-a-girl!Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews

Summary: ""What are you saying?" Johnny says slowly, because this sounds like she's trying to pick him up, which is impossible, because if Kaner has one concrete rule, it's ‘anyone but teammates.’

"We can help each other out here," Kaner suggests, crossing her legs in her too-short skirt. "That's all. Two friends helping each other out in a dry spell. You're free to do whatever. It wouldn't be a big deal.""

Length: 16,000 wordsish

Warnings: genderbend all day erry day also this is like 95% porn. 96%.

Notes: This was inevitable. I can't stop myself. Props and love to The Hoyden, who pushed me along and beta'd this fabulously. There were like, eight terrible, lazy jokes she made me cut and you should thank her. Also love to asleepunderpurpleskies, who, like me, totally imagines Kaner as Ke$ha, every halloween, fighting the idea that leotards aren't pants. Love to Moonklutz, who most importantly informed me that scurvy is actually apparently still a thing, for real. <3

If you needed a soundtrack to read this to, please use any song from Justin Timberlake's FutureSex/LoveSounds or anything Ke$ha ever but most importantly, "C'mon." In fact, just go download "C'mon" now.

She's just Johnny's type- something a little reserved and secretive about her smile, neat and professional looking, perfectly styled brown hair- probably does something with the word analyst in her job title. )
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2012-11-18 07:30 pm

Des Plus Brillants Exploits, 1/2

Title: Des Plus Brillants Exploits

Fandom: NHL RPS

Pairing: alwaysagirl!Sidney Crosby/Evgeni Malkin

Summary: "“Vancouver!” Sid turns and shouts at the last second as she goes through the doors.

“Vancouver!” Geno yells back."

Length: 33,000 wordsish, 20,700ish this part


Notes: So, it was only a matter of time. The Hoyden and Mklutz are just... really bad for me. Basically, we all have a lot of strong feelings about Sidney Crosby and Geno Malkin and I was like I'M NOT GONNA WRITE THIS FI-- okay, so I started writing it. 30+ k later, this is entirely all their fault. The Hoyden kindly offered to beta this, even though she should have been getting over jetlag, and Mklutz taught me the rules to Liverpool, even though I still don't think it's a real game. Thanks to puckling, who was full of encouragement and came up with the title when I realized I had nothing. Kisses to Leupagus, who insists she has no fucks to give about hockey, but liked this anyway.

They're late at the rink, just finishing running drills after practice when the IOC's final decision comes through. )

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2012-03-31 02:48 pm

You're Losing Sleep Tonight, 1/1

Title: You're Losing Sleep Tonight

Fandom: Teen Wolf can't stop won't stop

Pairing: Derek Hale/alwaysagirl!Stiles Stilinski

Summary: "Stiles stares at him for a long moment, and he really can't puzzle her out. "Did you forget your own birthday?" she demands."

Length: 2900 wordsish

Warnings: this is pretty much just porn.

Notes: Because I deliver on my threats, here is the porn sequel to I Want Your Lips to Sing, aided and abetted by [profile] moonklutz and [personal profile] thehoyden. Basically, I will drag their names through the mud with mine as much as humanly possible. I am also posting a lot. I actually have another fic written. I'm thinking this activity is directly related to the fact that my thesis is due in two weeks.

Stiles pokes him with her foot from the other end of the couch. )
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2012-03-30 11:50 pm

Wilt Thou Exchange, 4/4


Length: 4,500 wordish this part, totaling out at 33,500, sweet baby christmas jesus.


Jarvis guides him out, sounding a little plaintive. )
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2012-03-29 11:15 pm

I Want Your Lips to Sing, 1/1

Title: I Want Your Lips to Sing

Fandom: Teen Wolf just gotta live with myself at this point

Pairing: Derek Hale/alwaysagirl!Stiles Stilinski

Summary: "But for some reason, when Stiles sees Derek talking to Lydia, the two of them painfully good-looking, all she can think about is that her hair is in a messy ponytail and there's pizza sauce on the hem of her t-shirt. It's not like she wants to go on a montage out of a '90s teen film and come out like Rachel Leigh Cook on a staircase, but Stiles maybe thinks she doesn't want to look like the homeless one in the pack."

Length: 5000 wordsish

Warnings: duh hi haaaaave you met me, it's genderbending time.

Notes: Sooooooo, [profile] moonklutz is an unstoppable bad idea machine. She basically tricked me into Teen Wolf with girl!Stiles anyway, so, this is probably v. apropos. This fic actually has a porn sequel already... which is probably [personal profile] thehoyden's fault. So, yep.

Stiles has never been one of the girls- she's always been one of the guys. )
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2012-03-28 01:17 am

Wilt Thou Exchange, 3/4


Length: 7,500 wordish this part

Notes: In an ongoing trend, I apparently can't edit unless it's 1 in the morning or something. WE'RE IN THE HOME STRETCH THOUGH, GUYS, BEAR WITH ME. (And kisses to [personal profile] leupagus, always, who fixed this bitch up while recovering from pneumonia.)

Steve starts by making a list. )

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2012-03-14 03:09 am

Wilt Thou Exchange, 2/4


Length: 8,500 wordish this part

Notes: All the stuff I've said earlier is still applicable- I also hope that you guys appreciate that I'm going to work in the morning and stayed up JUST FOR YOU to finish editing this. JUST FOR YOU.

Steve never came home from a date to find his parents waiting up for him- or really, any dates- which is probably why finding Clint and Natasha still up and staring directly at him is so incredibly unnerving. )

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2012-03-10 04:51 am

Wilt Thou Exchange, 1/4

Title: Wilt Thou Exchange

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Pairing: always a girl!Tony Stark/Steve Rogers

Summary: "The first time Steve meets Toni is about a week after he wakes up."

Length: 13,300 wordish (OF 34,000 FUCK ME)


Notes: Ugh, this has been a labor- not usually of love, either. I don't even need to say that of course I did genderswap, because HI. But what does need to be said are a vast cornucopia of thanks- 34k worth: to [personal profile] rageprufrock, [personal profile] merelyn, [personal profile] thehoyden, [personal profile] amazonziti, [personal profile] mklutz, and [personal profile] aliassmith for TIRELESSLY encouraging me, from aiding and abetting research to 4 am gchat sessions. The biggest thanks of all is due to [personal profile] leupagus for saving me from myself and foolishly agreeing to beta this. The following parts are all written, just being edited, so be patient with me. Title.

When Steve is escorted back to headquarters, the first thing Colonel Fury does is introduce him to Agents Romanoff and Barton. )

<a href="'>PART 2.</a>
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2011-11-16 11:15 pm

WIPVEMBER: The One Where Panic Is Girls Except For Jon

Fandom: Bandom

Pairing: Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan

Length: 950 wordsish.

Warnings: it's me so... it's genderbending.

Notes: I asked twitter and [personal profile] fifteendozentimes said this one. SO THIS BUD FIC'S FOR YOU, BRO. Also, I know I've been pants (UTTER PANTS) at responding to comments, I'm sorry. But I am reading them, I've just been busy with work and school and well, reading The Hunger Games.

This isn't the first time Jon has had makeup put on him. )
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2011-11-08 08:29 am

WIPVEMBER: The One Where Charles Is Still A Lady But At Least She Gets To Do It With Erik This Time

Fandom: X-Men: First Class

Pairing: Alwaysagirl!Charles/Erik

Length: 7300 wordsish.

Warnings: sexy times, the fact that this was written for [personal profile] rageprufrock, Charles being BABYCRAZY

Notes: I forgot to post yesterday, like a bad person, so have a long one today- and I swear to god I write Charles as a dude. Sometimes. It just never seems like it. Uh, kidfic. Yeeeep.

Erik considers himself no student of American geography, only to say they are somewhere he doubts is on any map, anyway. )
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2011-11-02 10:25 pm

WIPVEMBER: The One Where Charles Is A Regency Lady And I Never Even Made It To Meeting Erik


Fandom: X-Men: First Class

Pairing: Intended AlwaysaGirl!Charles/Erik, Raven/Hank

Length: 1000 wordsish.


Notes: So, I have this thing about Regency AUs where I like them to be het because seriously, my historically minded soul will not let me do anything else? Otherwise, I have to deal with stupid, horrible prejudice and the fact that two dudes could not get married in their awesome breeches and it makes me REAL SAD so INSTEAD I offered this to [personal profile] thehoyden and [personal profile] rageprufrock who are off in Spain and cannot decline creditblame. But who are all about this shit.

Miss Charlotte Xavier had not progressed, by dint of four seasons without a successful marriage match, to being almost upon the shelf through a lack of offers. )
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2011-05-05 05:50 pm

I Want Something That I Want, 1/1

Title: I Want Something That I Want

Fandom: Bandom, P!ATD

Pairing: alwaysagirl!Brendon/alwaysagirl!Spencer, Jon/alwaysagirl!Ryan

Summary: "Formal recruitment is still technically new to Spencer, but she's not a huge fan of it so far. Ryan had told her that getting to hold the basket is probably a compliment from Petey- "It means you're a hotass, Spence," is actually what Ryan said- but her feet sort of hurt and the house has gotten exponentially warmer in the last thirty minutes. Most of it's been a blur of faces and pretty inane conversation, but the next girl in the house smiles shyly at Spencer from behind bright red glasses, tucking her long, dark hair behind her ear, nearly tripping on the door frame.

Length: 9000 wordsish what the fuck


Notes: So to share the blame credit, [personal profile] merelyn is like, my co-pilot and enabler and CO-AUTHOR. This is wholeheartedly her fault, with the aid of [personal profile] amazonziti who terribly encouraged me to keep writing this. But yeah, this is also totally separate from the other two college aus I have written about Brendon and Spencer and even separate from the one where they're both girls and go to a dance. I don't know what to say other than that this was extremely self-indulgent to write and at some point, I'm probably going to write a sequel, because seriously, I didn't include most of the shit Mer and I actually further thought about, especially with Pledge Weekes and Pledgemaster Carden's long-distance girlfriend, Katie Jonas.

Spencer isn't really sure how she ended up in a sorority. )
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2011-03-18 11:39 pm

These Words About A Girl, 1/1

Title: These Words About A Girl

Fandom: Bandom/Disney seriously stop fucking looking at me

Pairing: Mike Carden/girl!Kevin Jonas, Gabe Saporta/William Beckett

Summary: "It's more or less forgotten until the VMAs- when Bill- fucking Bill- appears at Mike's elbow and goes, "Michael, I've mentioned Demi to you before, haven't I? Oh, and this is her bosom companion, Miss Katherine Jonas." "

Length: 3200 wordsish.


Notes: [personal profile] merelyn. That's all I gotta say. Her fault. For her.

Mike isn't even stoned or drunk, so he really has no excuse to be watching JONAS with Bill and Gabe. )
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2011-01-18 01:37 am

Mama, I'm Tellin' You, 1/1

Title: Mama, I'm Tellin' You

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0

Pairing: Steve/Alwaysagirl!Danni (Wild Honey 'Verse)

Summary: "They get a call around midday, while Danni's tentatively sipping at ginger ale, that Max has something he wants them to see. "

Length: 4300 wordsish. (FUCK MY LIFE)

Warnings: I seriously don't even know where to start with the fucking warnings for this fic. BABIES. THERE. (Actually, baby singular, but you know. BABIES.)

Notes: I would like to preface this, as I do most things, with THIS IS [personal profile] leupagus'S FAULT. No, but really. I just- I don't even know. This 'verse is ridic. Just, look upon this o! ye mighty and despair and now I'm misquoting Ozymandias, this is actually a pretty fair indicator of what this will be like.

Grace had been a dream of a pregnancy- the glow with none of the back aches or throwing up- so when Danni spends a week solid puking in the head at HQ every morning like clockwork, pregnancy doesn't even cross her mind. )
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2011-01-16 03:17 pm

Eat Up, Honey, 1/1

Title: Eat Up, Honey

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0

Pairing: Steve/Alwaysagirl!Danni (Wild Honey 'Verse)

Summary: "After about a month of acknowledging that Steve McGarrett was her boyfriend (Christ,) which sort of included the week and a half she barely spoke to him because he loaned her out to pretend to be a prostitute, she realized that she was going to have to tell Gracie."

Length: 1800 wordsish.

Warnings: Picnics, trusting Steve McGarrett with your child

Notes: Most recent in the Wild Honey 'verse- and I actually already have the super terrible next installment of this 'verse, I'm just hanging on to it as not to spam you. Basically, Danni freaks out the whole time for fairly justifiable reasons. With love, as always, for [personal profile] leupagus who brought me pain au chocolat this morning.

It hadn't been weird, which was probably the weirdest thing about Steve and Grace. )
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2011-01-15 11:28 pm

Just to Save Me Some Money, 1/1

Title: Just to Save Me Some Money

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0

Pairing: Steve/Alwaysagirl!Danni (Wild Honey 'Verse)

Summary: ""So, girls in this bed, boys in that bed?" Kono asks around a mouthful of toothpaste she's scrubbing against her teeth with her finger."

Length: 850 wordsish.

Warnings: Chin Ho Kelly just wants to fucking go to sleep, man.

Notes: I forgot I'd written this on my iPhone in some fit of computerless boredom at some point, but since I'm working on some more girl!Danny, I figured, why the hell not? This actually takes place between Love's Coming Down on Me and No Good Will It Do You. Romantic getaways aren't in Steve McGarrett's vocabulary, I don't think. For [personal profile] leupagus, who encouraged me- as usual- to take the high road. And by "high road", I mean "totally fucking terrible road". Kisses, boo.

They have to spend the night in Kauai. )
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2010-12-01 11:56 am

No Good Will It Do You, 1/1

Title: No Good Will It Do You

Fandom: Hawaii 5-O

Pairing: Steve/Alwaysagirl!Danni (Wild Honey 'Verse)

Summary: "Steve would try to soften her up with sex, but he's found that makes her suspicious, more than anything else. Which is ridiculous, because who gets uptight because of sex?"

Length: 1900 wordsish.

Warnings: Genderbending, prostitution of team members, fake real prostitution.

Notes: So, I owed [personal profile] mklutz a favor (terrible position to be in, really), and I asked her what she wanted in return, and it was more girl!Danny. And I asked was there anything else, specifically that you wanted? And she said, "Well, undercover." and I said "Of course you do. Anything else?" and she said "Jealousy." And I said "Of course you do." And then I wrote this.

Steve jokes about it a lot, but when Haneoka in Vice actually asks if he can borrow Danni, Steve has to remind himself that he's not allowed to shoot people, because the Governor is probably lying about full immunity. )
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2010-11-22 03:15 pm

WIPVEMBER: Wild, Wild West Coast Snippet

My head grew heavy--

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Sam/Alwaysagirl!Gabriel

Summary: ""I need more sunblock," she states, waggling the bottle at Sam. He eyeballs her.

"Gabby, that is not sunblock, that is literally vegetable oil," Sam disagrees, pulling the actual bottle of sunscreen out of the cooler. Gabrielle rolls her eyes."

Length: 700 wordsish.

Warnings: My awful love of tanning, Little Hugs.

Notes: A future snippet/time stamp for Wild, Wild West Coast, Gabrielle and Sam go to the beach. It's short, because I already spammed with H-5-0 today, but you know. Whatever.

With the easy access to both funnel cake and taffy, Sam's not surprised that Gabrielle loves the beach. )
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2010-11-18 10:06 pm


I saw a shimmering light-

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean/Alwaysagirl!Cas

Summary: "Death stops and looks, stops and looks, sometimes stooping to close the eyes of a fallen soldier. When Death finally reaches Dean, he is amazed to see a woman standing above him.

"Well, I'll be damned," Dean mutters, and is no less surprised than the face of the woman above him when she shouts over her shoulder that he is alive."

Length: 5200 wordsish.


Notes: I'm off on a field trip of sorts with internet access, but no DW access. (Don't ask.) This does however mean that there won't be any WIPs until Monday, probably. (I know, you're sobbing.) But as an apology, here is one of my most terrible and most favorite AUs- the one where Dean is a Union soldier and Cas is a Confederate widow. I SHIT YOU NOT.

No, still, really.

Dean is not dead. )