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Title: Everything Comes Naturally

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean/Cas (Shortskirts 'Verse)

Summary: "Except right now, they're parked in a field 15 minutes outside town and Cas is making fucking criminal noises underneath him- like no one has ever touched him like this and a really selfish part of Dean hopes that's true."

Length: 1700 wordsish

Warning: Boning in the Impala. Naughty touching. Cas likes dirty talk.

Notes: So, Sundays are for writing porn, apparently, and it's like... all I've written for a while, like a 14 year-old boy who discovers jerking it. Written for [personal profile] rageprufrock, as a sequel of sorts to "I Think I Know Where You Belong", aka The Taylor Swift AU, or something I really tragically termed "Shortskirts 'Verse." It's unbetaed, so any mistakes are mine and in the grand tradition of 1:44 in the morning, IDGAF.

Dean supposes they're dating.

He's not sure, because he's never dated a dude and most of his dating experience involved opening doors and not burping. But he's pretty sure he and Cas are dating, even though most of the stuff they do together is stuff they would have done anyway- watching movies and driving around town aimlessly.

Except right now, they're parked in a field 15 minutes outside town and Cas is making fucking criminal noises underneath him- like no one has ever touched him like this and a really selfish part of Dean hopes that's true.

"Dean," Cas breathes, running a hand under Dean's shirt and Dean can feel the blunt edges of Cas's nails scraping against his stomach, like he's trying to memorize him by touch, so Dean has to lean down and kiss him, cramped and sticky hot in the backseat of the Impala.

Dean's really not sure what the... Christ, etiquette is in this situation, but he has no idea how to ask Cas to just touch him, somewhere, anywhere, more than the careful, light, teasing touches over his sides, threading into his hair. It feels like it's 100 degrees in here, even though all the windows are rolled down and there's even a breeze flowing through, because looking down at Cas, whose mouth is red and soft and wet, it feels like he's on fucking fire from wanting.

After skipping out on prom, they'd spent most of the movie hidden in the back, making out. When Dean had dropped Cas off that night- Cas biting his lip, shy and unsure but so damn eager- Dean had thought that he was going to hit that- hard. He's enough of a red-blooded male that he'd done the only responsible thing possible after getting himself a boyfriend- especially one that had "virgin" stamped on his face as much as Cas did- and watched a bunch of gay porn on the internet. But Dean doesn't think that any of the super-waxed twinks uninterestedly blowing each other prepared him for the reality of Cas sighing into his mouth, grinding into him.

"Dean, I want to-" Cas trails off, arching his back as Dean sucks a kiss against his neck, but his intent is pretty clear when his hands trace around to Dean's fly and- holy shit. Cas slips a hot hand beneath Dean’s jeans and boxers and Jesus H Christ, Cas is touching his dick.

"Can I- is this alright?" Cas stammers. Dean almost laughs, because he doesn't think any man has ever turned down a handjob- period- but it comes out as this strangled groan as Cas's thumb runs over the head of his cock, slipping on precome.

"Yes, God, please," he finally manages when Cas stills under him, like he might stop. It seems like that's all the encouragement Cas needs before he tugs open the fly and Dean is super grateful he chose today to wear button fly jeans, because now Cas has a whole range of motion that he's using to do some fucking tremendous things to Dean's dick. Cas moans as Dean shifts his leg between them, inadvertently pressing against the hot line of Cas's erection and Dean swallows hastily because it's going to be seriously embarrassing if he comes this quickly.

"Thought about this so much," Cas whispers, but it's loud in the silence, and Dean slams a hand against the frame of the car. Because now he can't erase the image of Cas, maybe jerking himself off, thinking about Dean, so close.

"Wanted you so badly, wanted to make you come," And Cas says it like it's nothing, but Dean can barely think through the sudden conviction that his brain is going to blow some really important fuses and he's going to die here, Cas's hand working him so steadily, so perfect.

"Dean," Cas begs, like it's fucking killing him, too, voice broken and hoarse sounding and Dean comes, nearly blacking out with how good it is.

When he's able to think again, Cas is thoughtfully licking his hand clean of Dean's spunk, like he's so fucking curious and it makes Dean's prick twitch, hard- painful and too sensitive. He may be 18, but he’s not getting it up again that quick, no matter what his brain is telling him.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Cas," Dean mumbles, kissing him, filthy and open and God, he can taste himself all over Cas's pretty mouth. Cas just fucking gives it up, like he could let Dean lazily tongue-fuck him forever, would just let him take and take. Dean backs up because he remembers he has to breathe and Cas's eyes are so blue and wrecked with need. Dean buries his face in Cas's neck, because that's almost too much. He pushes Cas's shirt up and cups his hand over Cas's cock, over his stupid seersucker shorts, and Cas gasps like he can't even breathe, mumbling indistinct, sharp sounds.

"Shh, shh, baby, gonna take care of you," Dean promises, fumbling over the zip. Cas wraps his arms around Dean, hands clawing at his back over his t-shirt as Dean gets Cas's cock free. Dean had been sort of worried about not liking dick, that he would choke when it came to the big event- but now, with Cas shaking under him, he can't help but curiously stroke Cas's penis, wondering at how it's the same and totally different than touching himself. And watching Cas biting at his own lip like even this is going to break him- how the careful spread of Dean's hand makes pearly drops of cum gather at the tip of Cas's cock- makes Dean hyper-aware that he's hard again. It makes him think that they're going to do this again- a lot- because this is pretty much the best thing ever, Cas getting reedy and soft sounding, little "ah"s and tiny hitching breaths that are so good for him, that make Dean ache and want all over again.

"Dean, I need, I need you," Cas cries, his arms clutching at Dean's shoulders. Dean kisses the sharp curve of Cas's collarbone, biting a kiss there that makes Cas jerk his hips into Dean's hand.

"Whatever you want, Cas, anything," Dean says, because he'd do some mercilessly kinky shit for Cas, to be the only one who hears him come apart like this. Cas's fingers twitch as Dean breaks out some of his all-star whacking off moves, and he's glad that they seem to work for Cas, too. Cas's head thumps back hard against the door.

"Talk, tell me-" Cas tries and shit, it figures Cas likes dirty talk. "I want to know." Dean smirks.

"What, you wanna know that this gets me hot, watching you under me, wanting it so bad?" Dean asks and yeah, that's what he likes- Cas's eyes practically roll back into his head. "Finding out that you like it messy like this- out here where someone could find us, watch me touch your pretty cock, touch all of you? Yeah, I like it." Cas is heaving these shallow whimpering breaths in, and fuck, he really does get off on this.

"I love it, baby. I nearly blew again, just watching you lick my come off your hand. Sometime I'm gonna make you do yourself like this, just watch you touch yourself for me. I'm gonna go fucking wild." Dean says, bewildered by the insane shit that's coming out of his mouth, but Cas is thrashing under him, falling apart with just Dean's hand and voice and it's hot, it's fucking scorching.

"Dean, Dean, Dean," Cas chants, like he's losing his mind and Dean kisses him hard.

"Come on, babe, do it, fucking come all over my hand, I wanna taste you, too." Dean mutters right into Cas's ear and the hell of it is, he does: it's all true. Cas keens, like Dean's killing him, and comes, hot and wet all over Dean's hand, still tight on Cas's dick.

"Oh, oh," Cas breathes, eyes closed, trembling and shaking still, pulling Dean weakly against him. True to his word, Dean tentatively licks his hand- it's salty and warm, but not offensive tasting or anything. It's probably nicer than wiping it on something, so Dean quickly licks his whole hand clean. As soon as he's done, he realizes Cas is staring at him like he's seen the face of God or something. Dean can feel his cheeks turning bright fucking red, but Cas just tackles Dean back, like he's got to get in there or someone's going to get hurt.

Dean abruptly remembers he's still hard when Cas pushes Dean up against the opposite window and crawls down his body and- sweet merciful fuck- wraps his lips around Dean's cock like he's goddamn gonna go to town. Dean is going to last, like, thirty seconds, because holy shit, Cas's mouth is hot and so slick and Cas is blowing him. He's practically deep throating him and Dean doesn't even know where he's putting it, before he pulls up. Cas is swirling his tongue around the head of Dean's dick and Dean doesn't even have time to warn him before he's coming. But Cas- Cas just swallows it all down and Dean cannot even handle this shit.

"Was that… I've never done it before," Cas says after a moment, blushing faintly pink like he just baked a pie or some shit, not sucked Dean off like a fucking pro. Dean is still gasping for air because his brain is leaking out his goddamn ears.

"Yeah, Cas, Christ," he finally manages, pulling Cas close enough to touch, running his hands through Cas's dark, messy hair. Cas just hums easily against Dean's mouth, pressing little chaste, closed-mouthed kisses against Dean's lips.

"I wanted to make it good for you," Cas says quietly and Dean can't help the laugh that bubbles out of his chest.

"Cas, of course it was good- it was great," Dean assures him, because Dean realizes that he more or less just took Cas's virginity in the backseat of his car, and maybe he needs to hear stuff like that. Cas smiles, soft and pleased.

"I'm glad," he murmurs, tucking his head under Dean's chin. The backseat is way too small for this, and they're going to have to get up and untangle all of their sweaty body parts some time soon, but right now Dean is happy to stay as he is.

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shirozora: Maxwell Trevelyan (Supernatural - Dean/Castiel trust)
posted by [personal profile] shirozora at 06:42am on 17/05/2010
*brain leaks out ears*

Sundays just got awesome.
swing_set13: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] swing_set13 at 02:33pm on 17/05/2010
twentysomething: (call him angel of the morning)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 03:50am on 18/05/2010
\blushes\ Aw, shucks. Save some lovin' for the other days of the week, too, man. They get lonely.
amphetamine: Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris (I'm your other half)
posted by [personal profile] amphetamine at 12:26pm on 17/05/2010
Guhhhh. You just destroyed my brain with this fic. But in a good way.

HAHA, I can just imagine Michael's face when Dean drops Cas back home XD
bratri_ve_zbrani: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] bratri_ve_zbrani at 02:15pm on 17/05/2010
Especially because michael will totally know just by how Cas is acting. I can just imagine him making sure Cas is alright and going all 'I can't believe this shit, did he do all sorts of heinous deeds to you?' And making giving Dean a 'friendly' talk while squeezing Deans shoulder a little too tight and Cas busy too glowy and happy to care.
twentysomething: (he's just so pretty)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 03:51am on 18/05/2010

Michael is... hmm.. displeased is not a strong enough word to convey the depths of Michael's unhappiness with this situation.
swing_set13: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] swing_set13 at 02:33pm on 17/05/2010
WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW HOT THIS IS. I MEAN IT'S SO HOT, IT WOULD MAKE MICHAEL CRY BUT OF JEALOUSY. [though he would probably have an aneurysm and demand Dean make an honest man out of Cas with a wedding in Canada...] A greats sequel to the already awesome 'verse you created...Taylor Swift would be proud [and probably very confused...perhaps she ships Dean/Castiel, LOL].

posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 03:53am on 18/05/2010
No lie, reading this comment, I imagine if TSwift wrote fanfic, it'd be about how the Jo Bro she dated had a tiny wang.

(At least that's how I see it.)
swing_set13: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] swing_set13 at 04:03am on 18/05/2010
"BECAUSE TODAY WAS A FAIRY TALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" [the line about JoBro's tiny wang was censored by Ryan Seacrest...true story]

Her fanfic would be horribly RPS and end with her and Taylor Lautner eloping in Disney Land. [it almost writes itself...*shudders*] Me and my sister agreed it's some seriously bad juujuu to RPS your life...

I would die of laughter if she really did that...ROTFLMAO

(Awesome fic. :3)
twentysomething: (RAINBOW BRITE SAM)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 04:04am on 18/05/2010

I would read it, ngl. (Fucking Seacrest.)
swing_set13: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] swing_set13 at 04:17am on 18/05/2010
He totally would rain on her parade. Just like Kanye. [oh snap, I went there...I don't even follow that do I know this???]

Before it was censored, it was an edgier song...

Today was a fairytale
You were an ass
I used to be a damsel in distress
You tested positive for an STD and you have a tiny wang
Today was a fairytale

FML, I actually like listening to Taylor Swift...on occasion....*shifts eyes and tries to look nonchalant...*

I would read it....and deny I ever did, especially if it was as awesome as I think it could be...*fails at being nonchalant as my sister sees my browser history...*
mf_luder_xf: (SPN Ruby)
posted by [personal profile] mf_luder_xf at 11:36pm on 17/05/2010
Nnnghh, GOD. You're going to kill me. Seriously. I love love love, absurdly love high school/wee!sex fics. And Cas being all needy like that all in the backseat of the Impala...*brain melts*

Please tell me you're going to write more of this. I don't care if it's porn or what, but this fic is fast becoming one of my favorite EVER. *is greedy*
twentysomething: (RAINBOW BRITE SAM)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 03:54am on 18/05/2010
There's just something so fun- EVERYTHING IS SO SEXY, SO GREAT-- because no one's ever touched your special bits and OMG someone WANTS TO. (Oh, high school.)

Uh.... there may or may not be a sequel. Written. In my inbox. And like, so, so, so many other terrible things from this verse. Like, terrible.
mf_luder_xf: (DH Adelle)
posted by [personal profile] mf_luder_xf at 06:09am on 18/05/2010
because no one's ever touched your special bits and OMG someone WANTS TO

LOL, yes! Plus, I was the late bloomer looking on with envy at all the early sexual bloomers. ;)

OH GOD YES. You have NO idea how much that excites me. I beg at your table for fic scraps.
twentysomething: (i did that i set that up)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 06:17am on 18/05/2010
posted by [identity profile] at 01:22am on 18/05/2010
<3 Amazing and hot. You should continue this verse forever and ever.
twentysomething: (Yeah I'd buy that.)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 03:55am on 18/05/2010
It's sort of doing that for me. But I'm glad people seem to want it, though!
fearlessfan: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] fearlessfan at 04:18am on 18/05/2010
Oh, I loved this! I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw you'd posted a follow-up in this universe - there's something so endearing about the characters in this story. I love it!
twentysomething: (he's just so pretty)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 05:27am on 18/05/2010
Thanks- I love them, they're awkward and so damn in love with each other. (I also just posted more porn, set three years hence.)
posted by [identity profile] at 10:09am on 18/05/2010
*fans self* that is beyond awesome. So hot and I love how Dean gradually realise how much Cas turns him on and Cas is all about making him feel good. It manages to be sweet as well as scorching and that's awesome :)
twentysomething: (MFEO)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 12:56pm on 18/05/2010
Thanks! Like- is it sex in the back of a car? Totally. But they really do like each other, too. <3
not_sally: Made for me! (SPN Cas)
posted by [personal profile] not_sally at 10:21am on 18/05/2010
Awesome coda or the awesomest coda?
twentysomething: (RAINBOW DATE)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 12:56pm on 18/05/2010

Delightfully sweet comment- y/y?
meanheans: Blue glass tea kettle against a saturated white window (Default)
posted by [personal profile] meanheans at 04:32pm on 18/05/2010
The seersucker shorts totally go with Converse All Star lows and his baseball shirt from Dean, HOW DID YOU KNOW?!

I want to roll around in this and giggle and bask in the love, it's so teenaged and gorgeous. GAWD. I hope this goes on forever!

(Dean, sweetie, no one will ever believe that Cas is the straight-up filthy one in your relationship. No, not even with Michael as a brother...)
twentysomething: (i did that i set that up)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 08:15pm on 18/05/2010


(So sadly true for Dean.)
ext_3277: I made this (Default)
posted by [identity profile] at 11:19pm on 18/05/2010
Oh, that was HOT!!!

I'm glad Dean didn't freak out and is, instead, looking forward to more fantastic sex with Cas. ;)

twentysomething: (RAINBOW BRITE SAM)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 07:38pm on 19/05/2010
Freaking out is for lesser men (who don't have a hot boyfriend writhing attractively under them.)

rageprufrock: beach (Default)
posted by [personal profile] rageprufrock at 05:56pm on 19/05/2010

No but seriously, love this, and all other Dean and Cas and semen related things. You crack so pretty babe.
twentysomething: (I KNOW BITCH)
posted by [personal profile] twentysomething at 07:39pm on 19/05/2010
I think you're the only person who likes that much crying in their deflowerings.

You're just... how do you make me do these things. (You're just like... such a bad person. All the way down to your core.)
zer0c00l: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] zer0c00l at 08:14pm on 06/06/2010
How did I not comment on this when it was first posted? Because... HNNNNNNGGGGGG *tingles* this is incredible. This whole verse is brilliant.

Just... wanted to say that. Goodbye now. :)
summerskin: Stock Image: RazorCandi @ deviantART (kink_bingo #2)
posted by [personal profile] summerskin at 10:03pm on 07/08/2010
This is so hot. You totally nailed it for me (this coming from someone like me who has just started reading Dean/Castiel less than 12 hours ago). Just awesome.

Cas with a thing for dirty talk and Dean willing to provide is probably one of the hottest things I've read... in quite a while. ♥
faemouse: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] faemouse at 12:02pm on 20/08/2010
I. Um. that was way hotter than anything has ever had the right to be in the history of ever. Holy crap.
sayakaf1: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] sayakaf1 at 05:03pm on 27/08/2010
well that was hot and damn so good
supergreak: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] supergreak at 03:33am on 23/10/2010
*melts in seat*
You rock SO HARD.
I kinda have to like Taylor Swift, a tiny eensie bit, now that the consequence of her song is THIS.
posted by (anonymous) at 01:53am on 08/01/2011
guh, bunk. I'll be in. . yeah. . .fuck.
posted by (anonymous) at 02:51am on 02/04/2011
agaagasoidjnsadgasdsgad sgdvaosdhsbfd sgaggagaaggggggggagggaa

that was hawt... brain.. not fully... working... yet..
posted by (anonymous) at 10:13pm on 04/04/2011
mind is blown
posted by (anonymous) at 04:59am on 10/04/2011
This is my favorite verse and I love it so much, so I hope to see more. I constantly reread this and the other parts.
posted by (anonymous) at 05:59pm on 03/09/2011
That was awwweeesooooomeeee
posted by [personal profile] shihui at 08:48am on 28/09/2011
That was so incredibly hot! I nearly died with all the dirty talk (and I am not even a fan of it); that's how damn good this was. I think I need a cold shower to cool myself off, xD!
posted by [identity profile] at 01:21am on 16/10/2011
Holy crap-a-duck that was good.
I love that Cas was just all over Dean and that Dean was just so happy to be there.
I love Impala sex.
thanks for sharing.
posted by (anonymous) at 07:04am on 20/12/2011
no matter how many times i reread this i still love it :) they'er adorable
fandomseverywhere: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] fandomseverywhere at 07:30am on 01/10/2012
posted by (anonymous) at 03:06pm on 02/11/2012
'"Was that… I've never done it before," Cas says after a moment, blushing faintly pink like he just baked a pie or some shit, not sucked Dean off like a fucking pro.'

I don't know... That line had me laughing until little tears started leaking down my face. I can't even fall back on the excuse that I'm tired--I'm not. It was really just that funny to me. In fact, here comes a fresh wave of chuckles, so I'ma have to cut my song of praise short.


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