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Fandom: Glee

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Length: 700 wordsish.

Warnings: schmoopy boopy h/c

Notes: I put forward a call for papers for prompts on twitter this weekend when I realized I was a few wips short- [personal profile] brimtoast asked for "Blaine gets slushied, has to face actual reality, melts down, h/c" and "His blithe confidence in S03E01 made me expect that plot line in canon and I was ready to LOVE it. But nothing ever happened." and then wrote her this which was woefully short and then we had feels all over each other, the end. (also, guys, feel free to leave prompts in the comments. I promise nothing, but YOU COULD GET SOMETHING)

It doesn't register as cold at first- the first thing he can think is that it burns, actually, like that first breath out the door in winter- frozen wind in your face, like you can't breathe.

Then it starts trickling down his spine, icy and sticky and grainy and the humiliation sets in.

The hockey team laughs its way down the hall and Blaine can't move.

It can't be more than a few seconds before Tina appears in front of him, but it feels like an eternity.

"Oh, oh," she says and Blaine feels like that sums up everything- oh, oh.

"C'mon," Tina takes him by the arm, not caring that she's getting a handful of corn syrup, ice and red food coloring number 5, too.

He's ushered into what is probably the girls' room, judging by the lack of urinals and the aroma of Victoria's Secret instead of Axe. The bell rings loudly.

"You'll be late," Blaine finally manages, reaching for the paper towels. She stops his hand.

"Doesn't matter. And you should leave this to a pro," Tina tells him. "I texted Kurt the moment I saw you." She turns the hot water on and waits for a moment before she runs the paper towels under the water.

"You shouldn't- I mean, you didn't have to do that," Blaine says. She shakes her head.

"This is what we do for each other- you're one of us now." Tina smiles apologetically. "In every way." She passes him the warm, damp paper and running it over his face doesn't help, really. But it makes him feel a little better.

Kurt blows through the bathroom door, out of breath, holding a towel and a shower caddy.

"Thank you, Tina," Kurt breathes out on an exhale. "I've got him." Tina squeezes Blaine's shoulder sympathetically and tactfully leaves. They stare at each other for a long moment before they both start talking at once, a torrent of indistinct apologies.

"I knew this was coming, oh my god, on your first day, though, why, ugh," Kurt says, soaking the towel in warm water before anxiously wringing it out. He sighs.

"I bet you're really glad you came to be with this idiot," Kurt's smile is tight and small.

Blaine can't describe how shitty he feels.

"Kurt, no," He's going to screw up explaining this, but he's going to try. "I could never regret anything about you." Kurt's hands still from where they're mopping up Blaine's neck.

"What I regret is-" Blaine swallows his pride. "I knew the bullying was awful here, I heard you talk about it, I remember prom- but I didn't know." Kurt opens his mouth to speak but Blaine keeps going because he needs to apologize.

"And obviously I believed you, but I thought there was no way it was that bad-" Blaine chokes for a second. "I've been here two hours, what have I done to anyone? Fuck, it feels like I'm 13 again." Kurt looks like he's on the verge of tears and Blaine never wants to see him looking like that, ever, so he just takes a deep breath and puts on the best smile he can manage.

"Ignore me, I'm being melodramatic," Blaine says quickly and Kurt kisses him, hard and desperate.

"No, you're not," he says sharply, kissing Blaine again. "No one should ever try to make you feel like you're powerless. No one should try to make you feel like you're worthless." Kurt rests his forehead against Blaine's.

"You taught me that," Kurt whispers between them and Blaine doesn't know what he did to deserve Kurt.

They spend a long moment like that until the silence is broken by Kurt's phone buzzing with texts from Mercedes and Tina asking if Blaine's alright. Kurt shoos him over to the sink to get the worst out of his hair.

"Thank you," Blaine says, as sincerely as he can manage while Kurt has Blaine's head in the sink.

"This is a blessing in disguise. I've been dying to see what your hair looks like without any gel in it." Kurt says and Blaine can't help but laugh.

"You'll be sorry," he warns Kurt, who just give him that lopsided smile that makes his heart do something funny.

"I don't think so."

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pennyplainknits: image of cookie dough (cookieheart)
posted by [personal profile] pennyplainknits at 11:57am on 14/11/2011
Vomiting rainbows here. i love that they have a whole system to deal with it!

If you feel inspired to write some Pete in the Coffee Shop AU that would be awesome
not_sally: Made for me! (Glee Kurt Blaine not cold at all)
posted by [personal profile] not_sally at 02:58pm on 14/11/2011
waketosleep: signboard saying 'I have seen the truth and it doesn't make sense' (Default)
posted by [personal profile] waketosleep at 05:56pm on 14/11/2011
Kurt blows through the bathroom door, out of breath, holding a towel and a shower caddy.


Also IDK what fandoms we really share besides Glee but mostly all I would want is rhapsodic love letters to Burt and his awesomeness. He's my favourite thing about the show.
dovetales: sleepy chris evans (Default)
posted by [personal profile] dovetales at 02:34am on 15/11/2011
This was a little bit heartbreaking and I could actually hear Darren Criss delivering Blaine's lines. Well done.

Prompts, if you want them:

Toni Stark? Because there is not enough of that out there and I think yours would be awesome :) And not even necessarily Toni/Steve, but I am super curious about who Toni Stark is as a person.

Alternatively, Steve and baseball? I know there are already fics out there focusing on this, but there's a lot of unexplored potential. Like if Steve was such a fan, it probably killed him that he couldn't play. Or Steve's reaction to the MLB negotiations. Or the avengers and their fantasy baseball league (and JARVIS could either play or manage the league? Either of which would be kind of awesome?)

Alternatively alternatively, Tony/Steve HS!AU and/or glee fusion with Tony as Mike Chang (Howard Stark as Mike's dad --> asian F = Stark F?). Which I suppose would make Steve Tina? I'm not sure that works, but anyway...

Is my current fandom obsession showing?
grammarwoman: (Default)
posted by [personal profile] grammarwoman at 10:57pm on 16/11/2011
Oh! The sweetness of these two is so wonderful, and the way the whole club draws around both Blaine and them as a couple - SO MUCH LOVE.

BTW, have you seen this bit of fanart of post-Slushied Blaine? Popped into my head as soon as I read this.


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